What equipment do I need?

We have collected a list of items that can help you with your at-home shoot. These small adjustments will help improve quality.


Option 1 (recommended): iPhone, iPad or Android phone

  • 20GB of free storage required

  • iPhone: no older than an iPhone 7 with iOS 13.6.1. or later

  • iPad: no older than iPad Air 2

Option 2 (possible, but not highly recommended): computer

Computer cameras can also work well with 4K or 1080 recording.  This is an advantage as you can see the screen in a bigger size.

PLEASE NOTE: Good hardware is needed to provide the best-quality classes for your students. If you have an older laptop and a new iPhone 11, then it's better to use the iPhone.

If using a laptop, make sure that it is on a hard surface, so that there is sufficient air circulation, and it doesn't overheat.

For best results, close all programs and tabs on your laptop except those required for giving the class.

Use a strong WiFi connection or Ethernet cable when possible to maximize bandwidth and upload speed. If using WiFi then move your device as close as possible to the router (within 0.5m) for best results.


We recommend the Filmic Pro App to ensure high quality in your video recording on-demand: 


We recommend one of the following options:

We DO NOT recommend using the microphone from your phone/camera. These causes echo and clients have a hard time hearing you.

Note: For on-demand recording on iPhone or iPad with AirPods as a microphone you need to use the Filmic Pro


Tripods are a must when submitting footage. Feel free to use any brand you like, we have few basic ones listed below:


We recommend using daylight explained below (easiest option). If you have a dark room with no daylight or want to expand your quality then we recommend some basic lights: 

Small Accessories: 


  • Avoid total white and total black clothing. This makes for highlights and shadows not being exposed properly. Solid colours that will pop give your video depth and contrast with the background.

  • Also, avoid any pattern clothing. (i.e. stripes), since the camera will flicker with patterns and look like a strobe effect.