Step 6: Setting up payment with Stripe

In order to obtain your monthly payout, you need to connect your teacher profile to Stripe.

*IMPORTANT: Our Stripe account is only able to complete payouts to European bank accounts*


In order to get started, head to your Teacher Account on Strydal.

Under the 'Your Business' section you will need to select the 'Settings' Tab. 

Step 1: Connect to Stripe by clicking on the black button (GO TO STRIPE) as shown in the image below. 

Step 2: You will be redirected to the Stripe connect page where you will need to enter your banking and personal information. The approval of Stripe connect could take up to 24hrs (depending on your country of residence). 

If you need extra support for getting set up on Stripe, please refer to the bottom of the page, where you can contact Stripe, and they will be able to assist you further. 

Step 3: You will know when you have successfully connected to Stripe by checking your settings page. You will be able to see a green message stating "CONNECTED". As mentioned above this could take up to 24hrs.

The list of countries that Stripe supports can be found on their website, find your country here 

After clicking the pencil icon and entering your data, please remember to press save. 


How does the payout process work?

You can start selling on Strydal straight away, even before connecting Stripe. It's necessary to have a Stripe account connected in order to receive your first payout – but in the meantime, your clients can already buy and we'll hold the funds.

Once you've created a Strydal account and started selling classes or memberships, it will take anywhere from 3-7 weeks for the first funds to hit your bank account. Find out more.
Please note: Once you have a regular income for at least 7 weeks, the holding period of funds will no longer be an issue for regular cash flow, because you'll receive payouts each rolling month.

*IMPORTANT: Our Stripe account is only able to complete payouts to European bank accounts*